10 Amazing Things Your Body Can Tell About You



A human body can is based more on genes than on any personal choice. But we can easily alter our appearance and personality by performing some extraordinary methods or exercises. We can conclude from it that if a human body looks in a certain way, it shouldn’t be an excuse to failure.


A human body’s bone structure is based on all genetics and this factor can tell a lot about a person’s life. Here are 10 body parts that can tell good as well as bad things about your nature and future.

1. Finger length


The length of your index finger than the ring finger can tell a lot about your personality. In the case of men, a significantly longer ring finger compared to the index finger is a sign of a surge in testosterone in the middle of the second trimester. Whereas in the case of women, longer index finger to ring finger is a sign of high fertility but increased risk of breast cancer.


ICR (Institute for Cancer Research) has concluded that men with longer index finger have lower chances of developing prostate cancer. According to the same study, men above 60 with longer index finger were 33% less likely to develop prostate cancer and men below the age of 60 had an even greater reduction of 87%.