Why Android Versions Always named After Sweet Items ?

Google needs no introduction and so is the case with its popular mobile OS popularly known as Android. Well, if you have been using an android based device, you certainly know each version of the OS is being named after a sweet item. Well, if you are wondering as to why every Android version launched by Google has a sweet items’ name, you have landed at the right place. Let’s check the reasoning the giant search engine company gives about it for choosing names like Kitkat, Marshmallow, and Jellybean and so on.

In 2008 when Google launched Android, a reporter was seen posing the same question and officials from Google replied that this is an internal team thing and they choose go a bit inscrutable in this issue. They further said, the versions will always have dessert names and would be seen going in alphabetical order most of the time. So, nothing clear came from the makers of this OS and its versions, hence people in this domain embarked with their own reasons and conclusions.

Some people said it was Android that was developed by the person called Andy Rubin the ex-employee of Apple who was called with a nickname – Android for his passion and love for robots in the late eighties. Andy loved desserts the best and thus naming with sweet items to be purely his idea. However, in 2012, things changed and Sundar Pichai was seen taking over Andy but the former chose to keep the legacy rolling for the company.


Well, how about the names of the Versions of Android being named in an alphabetical order, well the following is the version history, let’s check them out:

Some of the people claim that android operating system is seen sweeting the lives of millions of its users hence the sweet dish name are given. Though these assumptions do not have any authenticity from the company, yet are being popular in the public domain.


Before the version called Cupcake version of Google was launched, Google embarked with its two version for the mobile OS that were named as Astro and Bender which became popular with names like A and B in order to avoid any patent problems. However, soon these names like A and B simply does not count very much catch rather than turning to be boring and monotonous.

Soon Google learnt that the idea of naming the versions of Android with Sweet Dishes names simply create a sense of appeal apart from getting away from the trivial patent problems. And we know people do not name with sweet dishes to their products, hence Google felt it would be wiser to rely on them rather than going with the alphabetical ones.  And this way the idea of naming their Android versions started coming in the market by Google.


As see the Google revealing no other reason, hence the reasons disused above do not fall close to the official stance of the company about naming their products. Well, that shouldn’t stop to embark with your own versions about the reason why Google names the Android versions with sweet dishes names, no harm in trying and sharing with us!