9 Creepy Human-Animal Relationship That Will Blow Your Mind!

We all love animals. Having a pet is common. There are incredible animal lovers all over the world. Loving animal is a good thing and it is appreciable. When we pet animals, they become one of our family member. We care for them as much as we care for our family members. But, taking to a whole another level! Ever thought about it? Yeah, we will talk about human- animal relationship where it went to marriage! Stocked? Well we have more such creepy stories from all around the world. Love is unconditional, it’s proved here. Seriously!

1. Uwe MitzscherlichAnimal

This German man was aware that he is going to die soon and he decided to die unmarried. He wanted to spend a married life and guess whom he decided to marry? His little cat! Mew! He tie a knot with his cat. They were actually pronounced as man and cat wife. Incredible!