4 Chilling Personal Accounts of Students From Haunted College Campuses

Ghost stories have been around with us since the very starting. Some says they have encountered one other says it’s just a hoax. College hostels has been the hub of ghost sightings and ghost stories for ages.

Some college is built on a burial ground. The other is being haunted by a student ghost who jumped off of the building.

Many stories have revolved around the same idea of death and spirits. The following stories are based on account of students who have claimed to have encountered paranormal, true or not, you decide:

1. IIT BHU, VARANASIScreenshot_1

The story revolves around Vishwakarma hostel.

People say that there was an M.Tech student residing in the hostel who committed suicide, hanging from the ceiling fan. That happened when the other occupants had left on a vacation and the body was recovered after a long time. Due to decaying flesh, it had resulted in a strained neck which resulted in lengthening of the body height up to seven feet.

Now there had been several instances when people have seen this ghost.The ghost was very tall in appearance and the strained neck was clearly visible.

– Deepak K Singh’s account from Quora.