12 Life hacks that can make your life easy!

We all love easy and simple life. Complications always appear somehow but all you need is pinch of smart ideas to make your life simple and smooth. So, here I come with few daily life hacks which may help you in making your life easy.

1. To skip the YoutTube ad. just change the YouTube to YouTubeskip! And your ad. will be skipped instantly!

2. Water Damage?



3. Accidentally texted a wrong person? Just put your phone on Air plane mode and once it fails to deliver, delete the message.


4. If you are driving into a new town and want to explore the place but don’t know what to do, just call in any nearest hotel say them you are staying there next week and ask any question.


5. If you are willing to leave from home on time, create a play list equal to the time left and let the be the last song be rock or electronic, you will hustle up like never before when the last song is playing.


6. Graduating college? Hold on to College I.D. for student discounts, many places just see photos and not the year.


7. Four words to get free alcohol at party: I’ve never been drunk.


8. Download any song free and legally. Copy YouTube URL and paste in Youtube-mp3.org. Convert and download.


9. Hungry and want a ride home? Go to local pizza shop, order a pizza for delivery and get a ride home with a delivery boy.


10. If you type flight number on google you can see exactly where the plane is.


11. Have a song stuck in your head but can’t remember the name? Midomi.com allows you to sing or hum the song in your computer or phone and finds it for you!


12. Bored of Video Buffering on YouTube? Press upper arrow and will start the snake game!