How The Known B Town Production House YRF – Has Cheated Salman?

Salman was indeed one of the biggest movies of the year getting the top collections right from the first day to the coming days. All thanks to the popularity of Salman Khan who is known to rule the box office for quite some time. Also, the huge promotions of the film have helped the film to prosper in a big way. However, amidst all the goodies there comes the bad news trending in the social media. A Hashtag called #YRFStopReducingSULTANFigures was seen going viral over Twitter. A number of people were seen accused reducing the collections purposely.


As per the trade pundits, the film is all set to hit the 300 crore mark, but if you check the records of YRF, the film is yet struggling with small collection. You would be wondering as to why this is possible? Well some of the fans are responsible in spreading the rumors about the production house simply to slash down the additional costs. As per reports, there is some deal between the production house YRF and Salman Khan as the latter would get a bigger share once the film enters the 300 crore club.

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