You will be shocked to know education qualifications of your favorite stars


Each one of us has a favourite Bollywood star and we try to dig out as much information about that particular star as we possibly could. From the cars they ride and the brands they wear to their pets and their childhood pictures; but seldom do we try to investigate about their education qualifications.

It is a surprise as such that while some stars are well read, others have no degree to their names. In fact, some of the leading stars of Bollywood are school drop-outs.

Plus, there are some stars who one might think would rank low on education count, but they actually have impressive degrees to their names.

Check out education qualifications of Bollywood stars.

1. Amitabh Bachchan


Big B, had no plans to become an actor in his early years and took education very seriously. He has a double major in Science and also an honorary Doctorate degree from Queensland University in Australia to his credit.

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