The 10 Worst Indian Daily Soaps Ever

Our Indian television has always tried to experiment with different ideas. Coping of Bollywood movies or Hollywood television series is the local funda that is extensively used by our entertainment creators. In our daily soaps the size of bindi decides of how much a lady is evil. Well, you never know what could work on tv right!! From naagins to coping game of thrones we have created our list that will make u say ‘these are the worst daily soaps on television’.

1. Sasural Simar Ka – one of the most worse daily soaps ever

Daily Soaps

Sasural Simar Ka is one of the most trolled television daily soaps ever. The daily soap has become supernatural in past few years and twitter trolls the show again and again. After shamelessly coping Game Of Thrones, the show is gave it’s main character wings to fly. Wings not of a bird but a housefly. After including naagins, nevlas and aatmas the show keeps experimenting with it’s characters. RIP Logic!!

2. Diya Aur Baati Hum


Diya air baati hum is a daily soaps where main character Sandhya is an undercover officer and to consider she might possess some supernatural powers. Well this one time Sandhya was in a plane and the plane was being piloted by herself with an active nuclear bomb. The bomb explodes with her still inside the plane, but here’s the good news she was alive with only a scratch over her head and not affected by any nuclear radiations. Amazing isn’t it!