WhatsApp users can relate to these emotions. Must read

I bet you can’t live without WhatsApp and Facebook. Here’s why and how. You will be amazed.

Do you even remember when did the last time you logged off your Facebook account or didn’t attended any WhatsApp notification tune? Yeah, I can understand, certainly not right? It’s expected. Even almost everyone around the globe is always connected through one or other kind of social networking sites. And if we talk about our students, we just can’t miss telling that they are truly faithful towards their new two BIG families, that is “Facebook” and “WhatsApp”.

We are always devoted towards this two large clans in our smartphones. Having timeless leisure and blaming your phone especially WhatsApp when your marks are poor is the hottest trend now. The internet is already full of viral memes of you and your identical po guyor-mark citizens. It is always good to be not alone. But, here we bring you some miraculous ways how every Indian student carries two big families in their pockets. Get ready to see yourself high pointed here. We are watching you closely!!


1. A video a day keeps your anxiety away. You can never really get tired of watching those funny little videos. Every one of us have that thankful friend who forwards funny videos all the time.


2. The problem of not having a ‘like’ button on WhatsApp is the biggest discussion among students. Whether you look extremely ugly or beautiful, you’re always haunted by the thought: ‘If there was only one button’. Look dude!! They always ruin my celebrity spirit.