32 Ultimate Twitter Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud!

These Twitter jokes are the funniest. If you are feeling low then this can definitely cheer up your mood.

Our page always tries to make you happy and sometimes provides you with information or articles with which you can relate yourself. We believe everyone at certain point of life is happy. But most of them are sad. Most of them are having a tough time. Struggling with themselves, with their life. All they need is a laughing pill to kill their demons.Our page from years trying to help them to cross their tough time giving them a way to laugh. We try to make jokes and at times collect jokes from around.

Somewhat like us… Mr. Naveen Kukreja, the guy behind THE DESI STUFF, who keeps on searching for hilarious and humor minds through Facebook, twitter and other sites and off course giving them full credit, had make many people laugh out loud when they needed to be cheered up. Here, we bring you up all those jokes once again to make you feel better who are in deep need of a laughing pill. Read them and enjoy. And if you like them, then don’t mind to like our page on Facebook, “Jokes King” and share.











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