18 Things Only Clash Of Clans Players Will Understand

Clash of Clans is one of the most addictive online multiplayer game in which players build clans, villages, defences etc. The game is available in only IOS and android platform still 21 million people play it regularly.

As I have mentioned earlier that it is the most addictive online multiplayer game, So most of us are familier with the following phrases as we use them daily šŸ˜€

Still Lets Check them outĀ for fun –

1 .Ā YouĀ areĀ proud of your little village.

Clash Of Clans


2.Ā Waiting for things to build and upgrade feels like an eternity.


Seriously to upgrade a defence or army takes too many days.


3. You live in another world.



4.Ā Most Painful Moment : Connection lost :'(


It hurts and if this happens during a war attack you feel like killingyour ISPĀ :@

5.Ā Make me Co-leaderĀ , or amĀ gonna leave šŸ˜€


You’ll always find a hopper who will join your clan just for co-leadership.

6. Ā Donate Spells


Recently new feature was added that player having level 4 clan castle can receive dark spells in donation.



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