The 12 Worst School Names Ever :P

Some rich businessmen, teachers and some idiotic professors founded schools and institutes and they named them whatever they like, and it turned out that many of them don’t make sense at all. My friend studied at Cambridge School, and my another friend studied at Harvard School, but both of the schools are not even related to these foreign Universities you are thinking about. Ask your friends around, atleast one of them would have had studied in a school or institute which has ridiculous name.

In the name of education, and just to ruin education, management-gurus and some greedy people have started business schools, coaching classes, and international schools for business only, and of course to earn a lot of money.

Now, for a moment, forget about those ‘education and business’ topics and check out these hilarious school and institute names which will definitely make you laugh. And yes, some of them are very genuine.

1 . Tiny What ?


2. Shitted o.O

3. Really its an ideal for every school


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