Sunny Leone Slapped This Actor In A Pub & Broke His Nose :O Read Why…

Well Sunny Leone gave some tight slaps to Rajneesh Duggal, her co-star in ‘Beiimaan Love’ her upcoming film. While shooting the scene, Sunny slapped Rajneesh almost for 6 times. For a perfect shot, she slapped him 5 more times.

Sunny Leone Slapped This Actor

 The sizzling hot actress slapped him with full strength and quite aggressively for getting the perfect shot. The scene was shot at a pub in Mumbai. Not to forget with this shot, Rajneesh’s nose was badly hurt due to this. Later, Sunny Leone felt guilty and even apologized. However, Rajneesh didn’t mind since it was all a part of the shoot. He comforted and soothed her that all is fine.

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