Such Strange Things That Happen Only On Facebook

Facebook and other social networking sites have drastically changed the way we communicate, make friends, share and even love. There have been instances of boyfriend/girlfriend or even spouses finding out about the end of their relationship via Facebook. There are those who have located long lost friends of course, but some even managed to find parents and siblings via Facebook.

Recently some more amazing Facebook stories emerged from India as well –

1 . American “Mom” attended Gorakhpur wedding


An unusual and remarkable friendship had sprung up between Deb Miller of the USA and Krishna Mohan of Gorakhpur India via a common friend. Miller is childless and she asked Krishna if he would be her son in name.

Krishna, who had lost his mother when he was in his teens was happy to go along with this and over four years, the mother-son bond deepened. Krishna’s wedding was fixed for 29 January, and Miller decided to attend. She traveled to his village in Gorakhpur’s Pipraich armed with traditional gifts of jewellery for her ‘bahu’. She carries back 24 sarees as ‘return gifts’ and vows to return to India to see the Taj Mahal soon, “with her son”.

So where on the one hand Facebook offers up undeniable evidence of human stupidity, on the other it tells us heartwarming stories of decency, humanity and of joyous relationships that know no nationality, creed, age or colour.

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