17 types of selfies you need to stop taking! Beware!

Selfies, selfies everywhere. Our new generation with their smartphone and front camera can go crazy with their selfies sometimes. Sometimes to the extent that they forget that their selfies can turn into “Wow what a selfie” to “WTF, again a selfie” to others.People around our social media contact and accounts have seen our selfie poses a million times and sometimes we must have seem the reaction as  “oh there, again a selfie” from those people.

Let’s relate the reaction from this article. Maybe, it may give you some tips about selfies.

Here, we bring 17 commonly irritating poses of selfies you should avoid with those hilarious captions.


1.  The I-Am-Pretending-To-Be-Asleep  Selfie


Oh! I just thought you passed away. Lol.

2.  The I-Am-Pretending-It-Is-Not-A-Selfie Selfies


You think you can fool us with your non pretentious smiles?

3.  The Selfie-With-My-Car/Bike/Truck/Whatever..



Who the hell on earth cares for your two/ four/ three or even six wheeler?