People Caught Taking Ridiculous Selfies Will Blow Your Mind Completely

Everybody is known to the fact that that Human are social animal. He craves for a company, he craves for recognition and he tries to escape loneliness as much as he can. While we are talking about being social, being recognized what could be a better way than to be active on social media platforms.Nowadays, it is the best and the only preferred way to connect with people. One might upload status, loads of pictures(or we can say Selfies ) and their personal experiences on the social media.


They are literally obsessed with themselves. They would post selfies and get thousands of likes on a photo.  Some are extremely amazing and some are so gross that they could not escape our eyes. These ridiculous selfies become a butt of jest among viewers.


Here the list goes

1. An inverse victory sign Selfies


2. Obsessed with Pokemon