Revealing: Secrets Behind The Most Amazing Magic Tricks Ever

Since time immemorial, magic have been something fascinating, enhancing, glamorous, captivate, enchanting and spellbinding. It is or apparently supernatural. Everyone is aware of magic but few know the secrets and tricks behind them. You must have wondered how do they do it?

The magicians uses their super tricky minds and holds the mind of people till the end making them curious and by the end making them spellbound.

Here, we are revealing the tricks and secrets behind some of the most amazing magic ever.

1. Walking on water.


Remember Criss Angel who made it convincing to us that there was nothing under his feet but water? And he can walk in water too?He even dropped his show to the bottom to show the water.

Explanation: Angel was in fact walking atop plexiglass pillars! Plexiglass has a refractive index that’s very similar to water’s and is nearly invisible in water.

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