15 Salman Khan Trolls which will make you laugh even if you’re Bhai’s Fan!

Here, we bring you Salman Khan, one of the prominent Bollywood actor’s all time trolled photographs, which can make you laugh even if you’re his big Fan.

All the pictures are edited and trolled just for fun.

1. Sometimes words said jokingly become true. Who ever thought while watching this film, that the dialogue said by Salman to Ranbir“ tu toh aise dar dar k mila raha hai jaise mere girlfriend ko apni bata raha hai”. Well we all know about the relationship exist between Salman and Katrina and all about their break up and again Katrina indulging in relationship with Ranbir!
Salman Khan Trolls
2. Rajnikant giving boys advice about body building. The trolled pic showing how he advice boys not to have drinks and comparing Salman and Hrithik.
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