Salman Khan Borrowed Money From His Bodyguard…. Check Out Why :P

You must be thinking why he borrowed money from his bodyguard when he so replete in his wealth. He is so damn wealthy and lives a luxurious life. He was even counted as one of the most wealthiest man in the cinematic field.

He was put at 7th position according to Forbes magazine(2015). So it is very obvious for people to question such thing. Well! We will break the bubble here.


According to some sources, he was hanging out with his family at a pre-eminent Bandra restaurant till the morning’s wee hours. As he came out of the restaurant, some poor children ran towards him.

They all were selling coloring books and ran towards Bhaijaan. They requested him to purchase some books. As the actor didn’t have any cash at hand at the moment because he was carrying credits cards with him, but he still wanted to help them.


So he asked his bodyguard Shera for some cash. He borrowed some money from his bodyguard and gave 500 rupees to every children. All that mattered to him is that wide smile on their face.


No doubt he is one of the most generous and kind actors in Bollywood. You have proved it Salman Bhai, that you are the real hero. He don’t have a great fan following for no reason.

We all love you Salman. Keep up the good work! This act proved that he is very kind and generous. Bajrangi fans! Now chin up. You have got all the reasons to do so….!