Rustam Review, Ratings, and earnings

This Friday it was a clash of two big movies –Rustom and Mohenjo Daro. Let’s talk about the former, the film has Akshay Kumar in the lead role along with Ileana D’Cruz in the opposite. The film is based on the real life incident of a Naval office popularly termed as Nanavati Case, which was the turning point in the Indian judicial system. Akki played the Naval officer who kills his wife (Ilena D’Cruz)’s lover since he betrayed her and thus took her for a ride. However, considering his good conduct and unintentional murder, he was released by both the courts.


Now talking about the film, the script happens to be simple and straight forward having good twists and turning points along with a couple of cinematic liberties, which the makers have seen clearly giving to the audience making it an entertaining watch. One would enjoy the courtroom arguments and the way the cases are dealt especially the ones that are known to offer one of the best entertainment value.

Talking about the performances, Akki is known to have played with uniforms the best, whether you talk about any police officer or the one from defense or even a spy, he is incredible in his performance. Likewise playing a naval officer was similar with same passion and good action and other elements over the silver screen. The others too suited the best over the silver screen in the given role making the film a worth watch.


Talking about the other elements the direction seems to be cool though it had some hits and misses but speaking at the overall picture perspective the score for this department is at the higher side. Now, talking about the music, again, it is a worthy thing to catch as much of the songs are doing well over the chartbuster lists.

In the nutshell, the film is good yet can be called as a onetime watch as one would come to know the twists and turns that makes the audience captive for the same. However, in case if you are catching up this movie without caring about the Nanavati case, it can be a decent watching stuff. Now talking about the rating one can give it to be around 3.5 for sure. Screenshot_1

‘Rustom’ collected 14.11 crores on the 1st day, 16.43 crores on the 2nd day and 19.88 crores on the 3rd day 4th day 17.81 cr. Total: ₹ 68.23 cr.

Rating – 3.5