Ranveer Singh Clicks Picture With T0pless Women! Omg!

While is Switzerland, Ranveee definitely was behaving like a typical tourist. He is clicking pictures everywhere and not just that, he was even posting them online, maybe just to make us jealous! First Ranveer defined what a light weight luggage means sarcastically and he proved his love for Yash Raj banner by posting his picture from the location where Yash Chopra shot some of his scenes from the movies. His latest post was however different from the rest. Screenshot_3

In his latest post we can see Ranveer in the company of six half naked girls. Yes, you read it right and we are not kidding here. The girls standing behind Ranveer t0pless with their backs facing the camera. The Befikreactor’s expression says enough on how he is enjoying his current vacation and especially his day. We have a feeling that this might make DeepikaPadukone tad bit jealous of what Ranveer is upto. After all which girl would like her beau getting naughty with other hot girls? We believe that Ranveer has some seriously good reason to back his actions!