Check Out These 8 Ranbir Kapoor Pictures That Made Headlines

Ranbir Kapoor turned 35 this few days back. And here have selected few pics of his career that made headlines. The most recent was one with Pakistani beauty Mahira Khan where he was seen smoking and chatting outside a New York Hotel. After Salman Khan Ranbir Kapoor is perhaps man in Bollywood who has had a string of affairs one after another. After Deepika it was Katrina and now rumour has it that he is dating Mahira Khan. Apart from that, this year his Sanjay Dutt look also made a lot of headlines for obvious reasons.

Check out those pictures that made headlines :

1. Time when Ranbir lost his cool in front of paparazzi who was trying to click him


This was back in 2013 Ranbir snatched the camera out of a TV journalist’s hand and put it in his car. He even refused to return it back and asked the camera person to let their superior call him in order to have it back. It was also reported that RK, used foul language while expressing his anger on being stalked by the paparazzi at such odd hours.

2. His look in debut film ‘Saawariya’

Although the movie was flop but the movie songs were hit, and RK too was quite popular from then onwards.

3. Ranbir Kapoor’s with Robert De Niro

This is when Ranbir Kapoor met his idol Robert De Niro, he behaved little weird but love for his idol can be seen.

4. Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif holidaying in Ibiza

These holiday pictures caught the eyes of many channels and newspaper for a long time, which only made us wonder how the duo coped with it.

5. With Pakistani beauty Mahira Khan seen smoking and chatting outside a New York hotel.

P.S – Smoking is Injurious to health.

6. Ranbir Kapoor in Sanjay Dutt’s look.

Ranbir Kapoor’s striking similarity to Sanjay Dutt in the pictures from the biopic has even got Sanju Baba talking about the photos.

Take a loot at another one..

7. Ranbir’s mother Neetu Kapoor crops Katrina out of family Instagram picture

When Neetu posted the same picture on her instagram account, she left Katrina out.