Rahul Gandhi’s Name Proposed in Guinness Book of Records & Twitter Burst Out in Laughter

Congress’ Vice-President, Rahul Gandhi has been trolled enumerable times, sometimes for making mistakes in his speech or sometimes targeting other politicians. The internet is filled RaGa jokes, you just need to google for them.


This time he is again in headlines because An engineering student from MP has approached to the Guinness Book of Records and requested to list Rahul Gandhi’s name for losing 27 elections. Soon after the news went viral and twitterati trolled him again. Here are compilation of some of the funniest tweets :-

1. Kya Itna Bura Hoon Main Maa


2. Never Force kids to do something they’re not interested in.


3. Motivation


4. Guinness record is something more


5. Pappu Pass ho gaya