Most Paused Movie Moments Of All Time That You Can’t Watch Without

What’s the best thing about watching a movie being cosy at your home? It’s the assurance that you aren’t gonna miss even a second of it. Here are some Paused Movie

While you witness your favorite flicks in theaters, do not underestimate the benefits of the sitting-home-and-watching-flick. The biggest benefit would be the pause button. With the advent of Media Players and streaming services, you can stop and replay whatever scene whenever you want. You even can remember the exact time code to access certain scenes.

So here we have a rundown of the most paused and replayed scenes of movie history. I’m sure you would relate to some of them.


Psycho (1960)

Paused Movie

The cult horror flick by Alfred Hitchcock has quite a few awe scenes. One that would simply blow away your mind is when Norman Bates gets arrested. As soon as he faces the camera, a human skull superimposes his face. Pause, play pause, play.

Scanners (1981)


A legendary horror film by David Cronenberg was about psychic powers. We wanted to replay that scene where the power surfaced. In one of the scenes, Michael Ironside explodes the head of a man with his psychic powers. You won’t believe how quickly it happened and would need another look.