Ever Wondered Why are Bollywood movies released on Fridays?

You often find the trend in Bollywood and other film industries to release the movies on Fridays. This must have given the question in your mind as to why the film release only on Friday. So, do you know, well bet you don’t? However, this is an interesting question having an interesting answer though. Well, if you are wondering it’s the start of the weekend then make sure that’s not the only reason for it.

FridaysThe idea of releasing the movies on Friday has its origin in Hollywood’s practice with its movie ‘Gone With the Wind’ that got released on 15th December 1939. However, this trend actually came into practice in B Town in the late fifties (1950). It started with the magnum opus – Mughal-E-Azam on 5th August 1960, which was Friday.  Hence the B Town ended up adopting the legacy of British and American film industries’ practice of Friday.

As there was no color TV in those times, films continued to hit on Fridays to give entertainment to kids and students half on Friday due to informal norms in small size industries in Bombay. Moreover, many people called Friday to be the day of the goddess Lakshmi in India. This gave a strong belief to the filmmakers that this day can have special blessings from the goddess of wealth. Many also inaugurated their movies on Friday by breaking the nariyal (coconut) on a stone. Friday in many of the religions is auspicious in India which made the film industry to choose this day for their movie releases.