Funny : 5 Silly Mistakes In Udta Punjab

One of the most controversial movies this year, Udta Punjab finally released last friday. The movie highlights the drug issues in Punjab and deals with three lives that is affected by the same. The movie was in news all the time. First for the censor board row, Second the movie leaked online even before the release.

And now that the movie had released with only a single cut, with clearance of Bombay High Court. Even the culprit behind the leak of Udta Punjab has been caught.

The Movie has received praises for all corners for dealing the sensitive issue  and also exposing the burning issue of drugs,its abuse, supply and the fierce consequences it has been creating.

However, when you take a closer look at some of the scenes in the movie, you’ll realise that the makers did a poor job in managing some scenes. The movie was full of silly mistakes and here are a few ones that you might have not noticed while watching it in the theater :-

1. Preet’s voice changes all of a sudden while trying to convince Satraj.