6 Bollywood Celebrities Who Got Married To Their Fans

Wouldn’t be a dream come true if you get married to your favorite Bollywood celebrity. Even meeting them in person is a quite big thing. And marrying them can make anyone be on cloud nine. That sounds unbelievable. right? Although most of the celebs date and eventually marry their co-actors. But some of them have gone the unconventional way and married their fans instead.

Here is a list of Bollywood celebs who chose to marry their fans

1. Mumtaz and Mayur Madhvani

Who didn’t had a crush on yesteryear diva and beauty Mumtaz. But his one of the biggest fans Mayur Madhani was the luckiest of all. Mumtaz married the business tycoon Mayur Madhani in 1974.

2. Esha Deol Married to Bharat Takhtani

Bharat Takhtani had a huge crush on Hema Malini’s daughter Esha Deol. The actress married the businessman in 2012. Bharat and Esha knew each other from childhood and decided to get married in 2012.