11 Ultimate Kejriwal Memes That Will Left You In Laughter

We all see different and hundreds of meme online daily. Most of them make us laugh out loud and make our day. We all love to see them. Even whatsapp group or friends send crazy memes which make our gallery of cell phones look so much fun. Even, once in life, people tries to make memes of their own.

And our Chief Minister of Delhi, AAP party head, Arvind Kejriwal have been through tough times. We respect him for his hard work to make India a better to place and corruption free. But, some naughty people over Internet didn’t let him go without making fun of him and creating memes with his captured photos which are equally hilarious.

Here, we collected 11 such memes of him. Well, all memes are made just for fun. No emotions attached and no emotions will accepted except laugh.

1. He is too honest to not walk through this road. Arrey, the signboard only means that the road isn’t safe to go through.



2. Well seriously he enjoyed the movie? First tell me do all common man have the time and money to spend watching a movie?



3. Just tell me, can you eat maggi which is cooked for exactly two minutes? Well, if he is so honest, he must eat that only-2-minute cooked maggi! How it would taste like lol!