Rajnikanth’s Kabali breaking records (7 Records)

Everyone around India is aware of the release of Rajnikanth’s new movie “Kabali”. Even before every fan is still about to get lucky enough to get a ticket and watch the movie, the social media was flooded with it’s reviews. The superstar’s movie has outdone almost all the possibilities in the book.

Kabali was one of the most awaited movie of the year.Even before it’s release, people had high expectations that it would break all records of the year. Even it has out marked “Sultan”, Salman Khan film. Kabali broke 7 records. Here is how….


1. Most advanced booking show!

It’s a good time for the theaters and halls. I can bet, you can’t find a single seat till Monday. There is no space left to be booked. No tickets available at Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.