What’s the fact in the statement of Irrfan Khan alleging Rajnikanth Stealing Madaari Poster?

If you have checked with the posters of Rajnikanth starrer film Kabali and Irrfan Khan’s upcoming movie Madaari, you can see a good amount of resemblance between the two. Yes, they appear very much similar having the faces of respective stars in the movie posters amidst the tall buildings and skyscrapers standing horizontally. This made the actor Irrfan Khan to hurl an allegation that it was Megastar from the South Indian Films (Rajnikanth) who stole the poster of his film.

Irrfan Rajnikanth Madaari Poster

He said that he and the makers of his film didn’t know about the same and being small filmmakers, they have seen Rajnikanth’s film stealing the Madari’s poster. He further added it’s no big deal to see the resemblance though and later appealed the audience to watch both the movies.

Irrfan Rajnikanth Madaari Poster

Amidst the controversy, the facts seem to have gone under the carpet. Irrfan though claimed that it was Rajnikanth who stole the poster of his film but he fails to know that it is not the official poster released by the makers of Kabali. Some of Rajni’s fan has designed the same that went viral over the social media sites. And poor Irrfan thought that its official that made him to hurl the allegation on the megastar. Hence blaming Rajnikanth or the makers of Kabali is an exercise to futility.