9 Homosexual Bollywood Movies to Watch Before You Die

The subject of homosexuality in India, let alone Bollywood, has for long remained taboo.However, things have starting changing and Bollywood’s attempt to grapple with the concept of same-sex love could be the cause or effect of the slow acceptance of homosexuality in our country. On the occasion of International Day Against Homophobia, we dissect how our film industry is dealing with this theme in its creations.here are some HomoSexual Bollywood Movies.


Sita and Radha are young Indian women whose husbands choose celibacy or mistresses over their wives. This leads them to form an intimate, passionate relationship amidst a close-minded society.
Release date: November 5, 1998 (India)
Director: Deepa Mehta

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Bomgay is a 1996 Indian anthology of short films directed by Riyad Vinci Wadia and Jangu Sethna. The film stars Kushal Punjabi and Rahul Bose with music by Ashutosh Phatak.
Release date: December 22, 1996 (India)

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