These 11 “Hilariously Funny” WhatsApp Text Will Make Your Day!

WhatsApp Text Messaging app is widely used all around the globe, due to its easy interface and fast messaging feature. Without a doubt we can say, its the best text messaging app. Every month it comes up with a new update. Other than texting, Whatsapp also comes with video calling, voice calling features sending media etc. Even with all these features, we only prefer texting more.

While texting, some texts turn out to be hilarious ones, and were ended up taking a screenshot, and today we have compiled for you some of those hilarious ones.

Check out These “Hilariously Funny” WhatsApp Text that will make you laugh  –

1. Trolled

2. Badass Aunty

3. Sahi khel gaya

4. Autocorrect is the real saviour

5. Tharki couple