17 most hilarious Indians that will prove that we are pretty much capable to rule the world

Well, this world is full of stunts, adventures and creativity. But we Indians are never out dated. We are growing with the growing technologies and nobody is left behind in spite of age or gender or poor or rich. We can do crazy things which will astonish any foreign guy. We bring you 17 photographs which will clearly prove that we are born to live life on the wild side.

1.Because age doesn’t matter, I can have fun at any time and by any way I want! This 58 years old lady is not driving fast, she is flying slow!


2.We are not old fashioned, we need remix in life so do our foods. Remixed with aloo, this samosaa comes with a mixture of bhujiyasand much more. Yay! Now that’s a desi dish in angrezi style!