Most Gorgeous Home Sweet Home Of Bollywood Celebrities

Here Are The Most Gorgeous Home Sweet Home Of Bollywood Celebrities.You will be shock to notice.

Wondering no one has talked abut Amitabh Bachchan (actor) here.

Here are few pics from his house – Not sure whether it’s Jalsa, Prateeksha or Janak but it all belongs to Shenshah of Bollywood.

Amitabh Bachchan, The Actor of The Millennium lives a luxurious life with a luxurious house. His House is not less than a Mahal with prestigious things and a loving family which completes his life.

Amitabh Bachchan has total of 5 Bungalows. All of them are in Juhu. The Bachchan family lives in their upmarket house named ‘Jalsa’. A short walk from the Juhu Beach on the busy VM Road Junction, is a structure that makes vehicles and pedestrians slow down.

Located at the tenth road, near Juhu Ville Parle Development theme, the house is facing the Arabian Sea. It is one of the most up market house in the Urban Center. It is spreading over a region of 750 sqm for a total of Rs. 50 Crores. Jalsa, Amitabh Bachchan’s home and arguably Mumbai’s most recognized address.

The following one is which he had shared on his blog during Diwali.

Actor and producer John Abraham has chosen a home befitting a Bollywood star.

Hailing from Kerala, India, this former model is best known in the West for starring in Water, which was nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 2007. He has also appeared in numerous other films, including 2013’s Madras Cafe, which he also produced.

As a rising star of cinema, it makes sense that Abraham is living high in the clouds: known as the Villa in the Sky, the flat comprises the two uppermost storeys of the building and looms over the Arabian Sea.

Dig out the full story here: John Abraham’s Villa In The Sky Would Leave You In Awe

Recently best home I have seen in Bollywood stars is Parineeti Chopra’s.

– Located in Mumbai which is facing Arabian sea.

– It’s 4 bedroom flat converted to 2 Bedroom and 1 Entertainment room and 1 Makeup room.

– Her master bedroom has a life size world map with cityscapes and vehicle figures.

– Her entertainment room is a unique sound proof room that is often used by Parineeti to work in peace, rehearsing scenes and dialogues etc. However, the room is designed with several elements of entertainment like a huge library, DVD collection, home theatre system and Playstation.

– Parineeti Chopra holds two gifts really close to her heart – a red vintage style phone from Europe and a set of table mats. Both gifted by a friend as a housewarming present.

– Last but not the least – When Parineeti Chopra booked this house, she did not tell it to her parents. Instead, she and her brother decided to surprise them and took them to the residence where she revealed that this was her own apartment. What a moment of pride!

Recently I came across this on and I fell in love with the home.
None other than Shilpa Shetty’s home.

Shilpa Shetty talked about her home in the recent interview. This is what she said:
The one thing that I like about Kinara is the view of the vast sea. You wake up looking at it and you go to sleep listening to the splashing sound of the waves at night. What I don’t like about Kinara is that it requires high maintenance. Since it’s a big property, it becomes quite difficult to maintain.

This answer would be incomplete if we don’t list our beloved Anna’s holiday home which is quite beautiful!

Here are some snapshots of Suniel Shetty’s holiday home in Khandala!

Each celeb has their homes designed according to their needs and image they carry.

For someone like HRITHIK ROSHAN, the requirements of his kids was well taken care and clearly the house has been designed keeping in mind his image of sweet, loving and iconic father.

And for the handsome hunk JOHN ABRAHAM, his penthouse is all he needs to spend quality time with his wife Priya as it provides a perfect connect to nature with both, stunning views of the Arabian sea and beautiful landscaping, both inside and outside.