Girl Trying To Let Tattoo Artist Use Her Body As Deal

What the girl gets after she offers her body to a tattoo artist was really hilarious.

Through Facebook messenger, a girl texts a tattoo artist to check if she can get a tattoo done on her butt cheek. She went ahead with the details and address and wants the artist to cut a deal just for her of some sort. She was confidently trying to persuade him as she was living in some other city. Anyway, the artist is doing well with his job and he do not cut deals for his customers at any costs even if it could be a one night stand or some sort of it.

But, she keeps trying playing tricks on him and the consequences follows…

Keep reading to find if was able to cut a deal by offering her body or not.

Firstly the girl text the tattoo artist randomly.

Tattoo Artist

But the guy didn’t had any idea about the girls plan.

He didn’t realized that she had plans on her mind.

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