Grab These 16 Funny & Ultimate Offers Only In India. Hurry!

India, as already know for creativity and jugad, it can reach hilarious heights to get success in their marketing. If, we come to product advertising, in India, our local businessman and vendors, even if they r not to literates, they know how to get customers and earn a living. From giving super discount of 0.01% to giving bed sheet size as “one wife size”, these funny offers will make ROFL.

I bet you won’t find them anywhere else in this world. Watch out these amazing discounts and offers. Hurry!

1. Who on this earth won’t like to stay in this hotel once in a life? Wife for free free free! Lol


 2. No family planning needed. This landlord come with an extraordinary offer to settle your life completely. Rush for the offer!


3. Well, that was hell of a offer. Anyone up for this deal??