14 Hilarious and Funny sign boards exclusively in India!

Born in India? Or visiting and travelling anywhere in India, then there is a huge chance that you will come across a lots of funny sign boards which can make you laugh out loud.

Well, this is India, it’s okay if we are not literate, but we try our best to save and inform people with the signboards with our little sense in English.

We bring you some of the hilarious sign boards ever written that you may have come across exclusively in India.

Honestly, this signboard are made by illiterate people from rural areas who earn a living through making and designing these signboards. And however, their education is poor. This isn’t their fault, it’s because they haven’t got the chance to get education through any means.

1. Bride? He have a collection of all puppy bride here!What could he mean actually? (Funny sign boards)

Funny sign boards