Funny Comments By MSD : Behind The Stumps

Whatever the player speaks in the field they are recorded in microphone. Today we are going to reveal some of those funny moments said by MS Dhoni to his players behind the stumps. Check out the funny sight of our captain cool. You will love it 😀

1 . When Uthappa was taking time to throw the ball Dhoni Said – Girlfriend se raat me baat kar lena pehle ball phek de (Talk to your girlfriend at night, now the ball)



2 . Sreesanth was constantly moving away from his original position. Dhoni promptly said, Oye Sree udhar girlfriend nahi hai, idhar aa ja thoda (Shreeshant your girlfriend isn’t there, come ahead abit )



3. When captain cool advices his bowlers..



4 . Pehli ball thoda tez daalna, ye pehli hi ball aage badhega” (Bowl the 1st ball faster, he’ll charge down the wicket on the 1st ball ).


During 2013 Mohali test, after a big partnership by openrs, Clarke came to the crease. Jadeja followed Dhoni’s instruction and guess what. Michael Clark was down in the same way 😀

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