13 Funniest Break Up Texts Which Will Make You Laugh Out Loud!

Ever been to some serious relationship which came to an end suddenly for some downright reasons? And one of you decided to break it up through texts? Well, every time you can’t let things happen the way you wanted it to. Sometimes it happens for a good reason. And most of the time you broke off and post it you cry, scream or drink, you start enjoying the solitude. You will eventually start waking up happier and better each day.

And trust me, the break ups don’t need to be so emotional each time. Read on, you will sense it soon.

1. The guy should have tracks on his accounts. And basically, he must have went being with a single girl at a time. He is screwed by the way! image001

2. That was hell of a break up. But I just wonder how the guy was so sober even after seeing his girl dating someone else that too faking his own boyfriend?