The 90s fun and memory as a kid is here! Let’s re–live them! All over again…

90s was all spicy and filled with fun and memory. Even today’s generation who will check out these list won’t stop wondering about how fun filled was 90s and how much kids of that time was enjoying their life to fullest with all good comics, serials, cartoons and games.

It was all about growing up with outdoor games, wonderful comics, tape recorders, telephones, cycles, silly homework, all those TV ads, light up sneakers,nutties and tiffins and even kismi (only 90s people will understand), railway tickets, Maruti 800 and what not? Being nostalgic? We have a great collection of all those things you remember and miss.

  1. The most entertaining channel of the century! You simply can’t forget the soaps. The old blue n white logo says it all.

 fun and memory



  1. Those fat looking telephones on your tables. And more to be cool “cordless phones with no caller ID”. You never thought of even invention of smart phones one day!




  1. Getting mad for Rooh – Afza, Rol.a.Cola, Gold Ppot and yummy pouched Sip – Sip. Remember??



  1. Owning a tape recorder was a big thing.You’d buy the tapes and were an expert for using the pencil to fix the tape or re winding it.




  1. Owning a cycle with fancy features like gears was a big deal. You’d taken care of it like a prized possession.


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