Remember FRUITY From “Son Pari”? Here’s How ‘SHE’ Looks Now

Remember Fruity from the famous fantasy-adventure TV serial “Son Pari”? True, she has been a favorite of not only kids but also their parents. Indeed, children couldn’t afford to miss a single episode of the show when it was telecasted between 23 November 2000 and 1 October 2004 on Star Plus.



The character of Fruity, whose mother died in her early childhood, was played by Tanvi Hegde. She got a magical gem and on rubbing it, a fairy called Son Pari used to arrive with her friend Altu. Son Pari was like mother to Fruity and loved her a lot; however, her father wanted to marry some other girl who was exactly like a stepmom!



Well, it’s been more than a decade and with time, Fruity aka Tanvi has grown up too; and what a transformation!! She has turned out to be hotter and more gorgeous than she was cute and beautiful in childhood. She has done more than 150 commercials so far and is seen in some other TV serials too!

So from a cute little girl:



To a hot and ravishing diva:

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