16 Best “I Wasn’t That Drunk” Texts Ever

Have you ever been so drunk that in the morning you faced trouble recalling what the hell happened last night? If your answer is ,”hell yeah” then you must agree on the fact that how embarrassing the moment gets when your best friend tells you your sins that you committed unknowingly in the state of being drunk. And then you get the shittiest feeling along with this shittiest hangover that the incidents are imprinted on every other’s memory but your own. Below you’ll find these people’s ‘hope for the best’ dart board getting dashed by their “so good memory” friends, telling them their adventurous escapades.

1) After all, traffic rules are meant to be abide by.


2) Driving is driving! No matter it with a paper plate.


3) Oops! Probably not the best time for a chat with dad.