9 Disney Couples In Fifty Shades Of Grey Version!

Childhood totally ruined this time. From our very small age, we’ve grown listening to stories of Cinderella, the Mermaid, Aladdin- Jasmine etc. We have seen their love stories as exiting, heart breaking or romantic. But this new release of Cosmopolitan sharing the work of a high talented erotic mind at Deviant Art, depicting the Disney Princesses acting out some of Fifty Shades 0f Grey’s Christian and Anastasia’s naughtiest m0ments. Disney will never be the same again.

We bring you the latest pictures by cosmopolitan. And along with the pictures to guide and relate you with book “Fifty Shades 0f Grey”, there are the parts and paragraphs from the story. Read, them and enjoy the pictures more.

1. Disney couple : Cinderella and Prince Charming – Fifty Shades 0f Grey VersionShades

Image Source – Cosmopolitan