12 Bizarre Bathroom Designs That Are Too Strange To Ignore!

Bathrooms are always meant to give you a relaxing time. Yeah, it gave you the space to get fresh. You feel at ease not just because of your bodily functions, but because of the tranquility inside the bathroom. The inside of the bathroom must be spacious and not to forget it should provide you privacy. Privacy should be there in a washroom. Well it needs not to say. It’s a must.

But what if the bathrooms are awkwardly designed? And they look classy but not comfortable as you expect it to be? Or it turn out to be with no privacy at all? Check out this awkward bathroom designs around the world that are too strange to ignore.

1 . Love is definitely there between the couple who are the owner of the bathroom. It’s considerable to have a double sized bath tub but double toilet? Will two people really want to sit down together on a toilet so close to each other?Bathroom

2. Who on earth would want to have a feeling of toilet where he would find himself sitting and shitting alone around buildings that too with windows and they might be looking at you?Screenshot_2

3. Aquarium around a bathroom? I bet the fishes do not want to see you doing your thing. Poor fishes. What if they believe the waste would flush down into the water they are swimming in?Screenshot_3