10 Perks of Being a tomboy

Man and woman are the two most beautiful creatures that God has designed.
They have excelled in there own individual roles  that nature has gifted.
BUT wait a minute……..
We tomboyish girls..
Where did the god messed up?
Maybe he had the idea of “AAJ KUCH TOOFANI KRTE HAI” and mixed both the
potions of feelings,attitude of both the individuals. Or maybe a beautiful
angel drove by in front of him with her awesome smelling flower gown and by
mistake he mixed those damn POTIONS.
Anyway we ended up on the Earth with our own KICKASS ATTITUDE.

1. We have all the qualities of a lady.
But we knead our dough like if we have some serious anger issues.


2. We like to sing to ourselves in the shower but rather than singing
“chittiyaa kalaiyaan” we prefer “saada haq ethe rakh”.Screenshot_2