7 Mistakes I Bet You’ve Missed To Notice In Jab We Met!

The most popular comedy romantic movie “Jab We Met” have touched many hearts. It’s one of my favorite. The awesome chemistry of Shahid and Kareena left marks on our hearts. Most of you have watched this lovely movie. This was the movie which brought at huge milestone in gorgeous and hard working Kareena’scareer. No movie can take place this movie and none can compete the handsome hunk Shahid and beautiful Kareena’s chemistry.

But even after watching this movie for many times, have you noticed this mistakes? Here, we bring out some mistakes from the movie. Check them out.


1. Even the Punjab mail cover Kota in it’s route. It sounds logical but, according to the Indian Railways, the Punjab mails made us believe that it takes the central route instead of the western one via Kota.



2. If you look closely and remember, the man as a security guard at the bridge appears as a desk man at the hotel? How is that even possible?