7 Expectation Vs Reality Pictures!

Everything happens and it happens for a reason. But most of the time something happens opposite to what you’ve expected. It may happened a lot of time to you that you were excited for something to happen, heart beat increasing to climax, adrenaline rushing but the reality shows a complete disappointment. Like while unwrapping the gift om your birthday you expected it to be a play station but the gift comes up with a boring non fiction book, well that’s how you sometimes feel, disappointed like anything. Likewise, it happens to all of us once in a while. And when it becomes usual to our day to day life, it really become hilarious.

1. It’s so common. We wait all year to enjoy the summer break at it’s peak. We all count days for our school to announce summer break and make plans for tripping and uploading pictures.Screenshot_1

But, when summer arrives, this is what we left doing: surfing over net, seeing other’s enjoying over social medias.