14 Hilarious Twitter Exchanges Between Top Brands & Its Customers

Today we live in the age of social media wherein every brands and individual is present on these social media networks flaunting their presence. The brands are with their marketing strategies to woo people towards their brand. Their customers also take time to give feedback about their products over social media sites particularly the microblogging site, which is popular in creating trolls over it. Well, at times we get a witty and hilarious conversation between brands and their customers, how about checking top 7 hilarious and equally witty tweets made on the microblogging site by the customers for various brands.

1). Dominos:Brands

A customer was seen complaining – Yo I ordered Pizza and it came without any toping. It is just a bread. To which Dominos apologized and promised help to the customer. Later the customer said that he has used the pizza upside down.

2). Flipkart:

A customer was seen complaining that he ordered a noise cancellation Headphones and it didn’t work. The eCommerce company apologized for the same. later someone called it an Anu Malik Song.

3).   Tesco (British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer Brands) :

The customer informed that he saw a live snake in the store. When Tesco asked, the customer said, it was his ex.

4). Google Maps : 

One customer said he has an idea of skydiving inside Google Maps and want to zoom inside till the end and later asked if Google Maps can sponsor the real one. Google Maps were smart to answer, when it said, it is one and the same time, keep on doing.

5). SBI Card :

One Touch is required to download the Credit Card. A customer tweeted to this saying that he tried downloading in the afternoon when his internet said its time for lunch try later. To which the SBI Card replied asking him to elaborate the concern so that they can fix the issue out.