These 12 Funny Indian Couple Pictures Will Give You A Good Laugh

While some couples are adorable, cute and romantic, some are darn funny, weird and awkward. Starting from doing awkward things together to sharing worse honeymoon pictures on social media, you may have come across several such couples. So, we compiled some of the most viral photos of Indian couple pictures that won the internet and here we are with the best 12.

Trust me, these Indian Couple pictures will make you go LOL.

1. Love is blind, deaf and dumb.Indian couple

2. Dhoom Machale

3. Deeply in love

4. Maybe he is proposing her ?

5. Looks more like being photoshopped

6. If Superman was made in India *Climax*

7. Great Achievement

8. True Love

9. Best wedding photo i’ve ever seen.

10. When love crosses all the barriers and reaches to this level


11.  Is she trying to choke him?

12. When your wallet is more fat than your body